While new products come on to the market every now and again, there are 7 main choices when it comes to blinds



Roller/Vertical Blinds & Panel glides


Light filtering

Plantation Shutters


Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are made of horizontal slats, usually wood or plastic,

and suspended by cords which allow every slat to be rotated together

to give you precise control over the amount of light that enters the

room and the amount of privacy that you have.

Venetian blinds are typically easy to install, low maintenance and come

in a wide variety of designs and colours.


Roman blinds

Roman blinds or shades are made of soft fabric. When the blinds are down,

they lie flat against the window, but when raised they gather into pleats.

Stylish and sophisticated, roman blinds offer good privacy and light blockage

but are not suitable for wet rooms.

​Roller blinds/Vertical blinds & Panel glides


Roller blinds use a stiffened fabric that can be rolled up onto a tube when not

being used and are durable, easy to operate and economical to purchase.

There’s a large choice of fabrics, colours and finishes to choose from.

Vertical Blinds offer scope for a larger space such as a patio door or

larger window. These are vertical strips when turned close into a blackout

position and when pulled back collect in a row inside the doors recess.

Panel glides are fitted in larger sections and pull back to the recess in the closed


Blackout blinds

Typically a type of roller blind, these blinds have a coating that prevents

light from penetrating through them. They have all the advantages of roller

blinds but with the added attraction of complete privacy.


Light filtering blinds

With blackout blinds and roller blinds, many people choose to have a

double blind installed and add a light filtering blind which offers privacy.

A light filtering blind is made from a sort of mesh and operates the same

way as a roller blind. It sits closet to the window under your roller blind

and would remain down acting as a screen (letting in the light, but blocking

out neighbours and passers by).

Light filtering blinds come in a choice of colours. The darker the blind,

the more light is let in, which is often the opposite of what people think.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have been the most desirable of all the indoor and outdoor blinds.

These blinds give character and a luxury feel to any home. Made from a very durable

PVC, Aluminium or Basswood, these blinds are an investment to any property.


Which blinds work well for wet rooms

such as bathrooms & kitchens?

Window coverings for wet rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen need to be waterproof and easily cleanable.


For the bathroom it also helps if they block out light to maintain your privacy! The key choice here is not the style of blind but the material of which it is made.

Wooden blinds and shutters will absorb moisture and quickly buckle. The best materials are typically made of synthetic materials or acrylic-coated fabrics and you can purchase these in popular style choices such as Venetian blinds and Roller blinds.

Outdoor & Secuity

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